Mahoning County ARES

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  • ARES State Forum Marion, Ohio 2017;
  • W8SGT Columbus, Ohio

Mahoning County ARES Upcoming Events

Event Description
FLDIGI Workshop, July 10 2017, 6:45pm, Canfield Library Small Room Learn to send & receive ICS Messages.  FLDIGI, FLMSG

ARES Meeting, July 19, 2017, 6:00pm Red Cross Office, 3530 Belmont Ave., Youngstown, OH 44505
Speakers from Red Cross, Red Cross Roles and Procedures during an emergency and every day.

ARES Live Exercise, August 14, 2017.
Details TBA, will involve multiple frequencies and locations within the county.

ARES Public Service Event, September 1, 2017.
ARES will provide Comm for the Red Cross Team during the Day of Caring event.  Details coming.

ARES Live Exercise, October 2017.
Keep your ears open, this will be a corker!  Possible execise with the 910 Air Wing in Vienna.