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Winlink Training

Winlink Global Radio Email®️ is a network of amateur radio and government stations that provide worldwide radio email. It supports email with attachments, position reporting, weather and information bulletins. It is capable of operating completely without the internet and is frequently used for emergency and disaster communications.

MC ARES has experienced Winlink operators who can help you get started with Winlink. Email us at and we will be happy to assist you

If you would like to be participate in our Winlink nets, drills, and exercises you need to become a member of our Winlink training group and we will email you the details of any upcoming events. If you have a Winlink account and want to join the group, email us at

MCARES Winlink Training Net

The Winlink Training net is on the first and third Monday of the month. You must be a member of the Winlink training group to participate as we will be doing a variety of different exercises and will email instructions for each net. Members participate in the net by using Winlink to send an email to tactical call MCARESOH to verify their hardware and software is working properly. We prefer members participate using HF, or VHF via the local 2 meter KE8OKO-4 node, but telnet via the internet is acceptable.

The Emcomm Training Organization

ETO is a group of roughly 1500 Amateur Radio Operators working together (virtually and in-person) to demonstrate, exercise and improve their procedures to pass Emergency Communications message traffic. They conduct weekly or monthly practice drills, sending various ICS and Winlink form messages. Information on ETO training and exercises can be found here.