Mahoning County ARES

  • Mahoning County ARES Field Exercise
  • Mahoning County ARES Forum;
  • ARES State Forum Marion, Ohio 2017;
  • W8SGT Columbus, Ohio
  • Damage Assessment August 2018
  • Damage Assessment August 2018
  • Damage Assessment August 2018


Nets are a fundamental ARES activity. They inform the membership of current events and serve as a training exercise to verify equipment operation and learn proper net procedures. All Mahoning County ARES members are encouraged to check into as many nets as often as possible and record their time in ARES Connect.

Name Day and Time Frequency  
Mahoning County ARES Net Monthly first and third Monday at 8:30 pm 146.745 (-) pl 110.9  
Mahoning County Skywarn Net Monthly first Wednesday at 8:30 pm 146.745 (-) pl 110.9  
Ohio ARES HF Net W8SGT Weekly Tuesday at 7:15 pm 3902.0 Khz +/- QRM  
Ohio Digital Emergency Net Weekly Tuesday at 7:45 pm 3584.5 Khz USB Olivia
8-500 Centered 1500 Hz
Ohio DMR Net Weekly Wednesday at 8:30 pm Talk Group 3139  
Ohio Single Sideband Net Daily at 10:30 am 4:15 pm 6:45 pm 3972.5 Khz  
Lawrence County PA Roundtable Net Daily at 5:00 pm except Thursday at 8:00 pm 444.175 (+) pl 131,8