Mahoning County ARES

  • Mahoning County ARES Field Exercise
  • Mahoning County ARES Forum;
  • ARES State Forum Marion, Ohio 2017;
  • W8SGT Columbus, Ohio

Federal Emergency Management Agency Training

ARES has established a three-level training spectrum for our volunteers. Level 1 is for those new to the system, or those who for some reason have not yet taken required courses. They are available for public service events and non-critical emergency response.

Level 2 is the normal operational status where volunteers have completed a minimum of four NIMS courses: 100, 200, 700, 800. These, and level 3 operators, will be activated for duty in EOC’s and other critical locations, as well as for ‘mutual aid’ or ARESMAT (ARES Mutual Aid Team) assignments to help other counties.

Level 3 is for “upper management” and other well-seasoned volunteers. It includes the previous four courses, and a combination of IS 300/400, the Professional Development series, or Auxcomm training. ARES county-level groups are expected to meet at least once a month for training on topics that apply to their local situation. Like those in the emergency service, our training is continuous so that we stand ready when called.

We encourage all volunteers to complete the NIMS 100, 200, 700, and 800 courses.